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Mark & Tarryn

Taryn & Mark contacted me on Christmas Eve. They are engaged and are getting married in JHB in Feb but really wanted some photos on the beach and we only had a few days before they were retuning home. As you know Durban during the festive season is insanely busy! Luckily for me I have a beach pretty much at the bottom of my garden which is dead quiet over the holiday season. It is not often I take advantage of this, after this shoot I am definitely going to change this. This was meant to be a sunrise session, and although we were up at 4am I could barely see the sea with all the mist never mind the sunrise. At first a little discouraged once we started the shoot we were all loving the moodiness and atmosphere the mist provided. We took a long walk on the beach without seeing a soul and I felt like I was somewhere exotic. We ended up hopping in the water at the end of our shoot which I am hoping to do more of this year! Taryn & Mark wishing you all the best for the start of your wedding adventure!

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