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A family close to my heart. Linds and I have known each other our whole lives and our eldest are a month a part and our youngest are 3 months apart. I’ll never forget Linds phoning me with excitement while we were on holiday in the Dominican Republic to tell me she was also pregnant. At first my heart panicked as Linds never phoned but then don’t we all panic at first when we found out we are pregnant 🙂 When you’re having your first child and have no idea what to expect and are so uncertain about it all it helps completely knowing one of your best friends is going through the exact same thing! (Random Fact)

I have been promising to do a family shoot for them for about 2 years now I think 😉 Shocking! I know! This shoot was so spur of the moment. I was sitting on the couch going through my inspiration boards with a glass of wine, got this idea in my head, thought this family was the most perfect family for it and messaged Linds. Two sleeps later and we were on the beach!

I got an underwater bag (not quite housing, although I wish!) for Christmas and have been dying to try it out on a family shoot. Always looking for ways to get a different perspective and constantly trying to bring personality and a sense of joy to my shoots. It was a lot harder than expected, and Jackson does not keep still for 1 second. I was literally bribing him with the soccer ball to get the pics on land and in the water, he has to hold on 😉 He’s all over the show. Pretty much like my writing in the blog post! The camera in the bag moves around loads and when you are shooting active kids it can be a hit and miss. Regardless of all this we had the best afternoon, probably on one of the busiest days at the beach even though it was later in the day. I was hoping everyone would’ve packed up and started getting ready for their week. No such luck.

I’m hoping to do more of these shoots and with that I’ll get better at figuring how to make it all work better. But for my first attempt at a water based family shoot. I’m pretty stoked with the way these came out. Enjoy!!


Durban family Photographer-7609 Durban family Photographer-7080 Durban family Photographer-7088 Durban family Photographer-7130 Durban family Photographer-7169 Durban family Photographer-7244 Durban family Photographer-7365 Durban family Photographer-7493 Durban family Photographer-7545 Durban family Photographer-7622 Durban family Photographer-7648 Durban family Photographer-7678 Durban family Photographer-7697