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I do it for them!

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For me, photographs mean visual storytelling, nostalgia, art and most importantly emotion – a sensory experience caught on camera.

Photographs need to be felt, not just seen so they can inspire change, create awareness and make an impact. 

If you are a like-minded person or company, with our planet and its inhabitants at the heart of everything you do – let’s start a conversation!

Together, we can make a difference – putting passion in the picture – literally!


I’m Casey, most people just call me Case.

Mother to two amazing kids and wife to an awesome man, Duncs, who knows I can’t get out of bed without my morning coffee. If I won the lottery I’d spend the rest of my days travelling, surfing new spots, trying the coffee’s of the world and climbing mountains with my family while documenting it all with my trusty Nikon.

I’m really passionate about documenting the story of life, finding beauty in the little things that happen everyday, the moments we pass off as mundane. 

When you look at your photos it’s so important to me that the photo brings about a feeling of nostalgia and warmth. I do my best to achieve this in the most unscripted way possible. Human connection and relationships are important to me. I want the kids to be able to get wet or dirty, laugh or cry. If it’s your wedding day I want you to see the love, the tears and the joy in all the photographs I hand over to you. I want my photos to inspire and show you at your most honest and intimate moments in an artful and unscripted way. It’s your story, and I want to tell it in it’s entirety.

I’m based in Durban but willing to pack my bag and take an adventure any time. Who doesn’t love to travel.

If my approach excites you, please drop me a line. I’d love to chat!

Thanks for stopping by!

Case x