Rhino Dehorning - Spioenkop Nature Reserve

Mass rhino dehorning operation in KZN

Watching bits of keratin fly into the air and feeling them sting you as they hit you in the face while observing an incredible team move swiftly to dehorn a rhino bought about such mixed emotions.

You know they’re doing the right thing but it’s hard to comprehend that this whole operation needs to take place just so these animals can be saved.

Dehorning Rhino is a large-scale operation involving experienced ground teams, wildlife veterinarians and highly skilled helicopter pilots who are able to manoeuvre these animals into areas that are easily accessible for the teams.

A true privilege to document, I don’t think one can comprehend the level of skill needed until you’ve seen it for yourself. 

Photos taken while documenting one of biggest rhino dehorning operations in the province at KwaZulu-Natal’s Spioenkop Nature Reserve with Love Africa Marketing for Wildlife ACT – Focused Conservation


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