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{Love} Unscripted | Gareth & Farrah

Farrah and Gareth said their vows under the towering Pine trees at Haycroft Farm. At one point in the ceremony there was complete silence except for the birds chorus coming from above. It was a magical moment and one truly sent from above. This moment sticks in my mind when I think of this wedding. Soon after the ceremony the thunder we had heard in the distance became louder and the rain followed. This drove the guests inside and the bridal portrait into the recently completed Chapel. These guys did not let it affect their day at all and as the rain lightened we headed back into the forrest armed with umbrellas. So grateful to Farrah that she was not fazed  with the dirty hem of her dress and embraced the story it told as part of her day… HaycroftFarmWedding-3589 HaycroftFarmWedding-3602 HaycroftFarmWedding-3609 HaycroftFarmWedding-3672 HaycroftFarmWedding-3696 HaycroftFarmWedding-3727 HaycroftFarmWedding-3755 HaycroftFarmWedding-3777 HaycroftFarmWedding-3825 HaycroftFarmWedding-3859 HaycroftFarmWedding-3966 HaycroftFarmWedding-3973 HaycroftFarmWedding-3980 HaycroftFarmWedding-4040 HaycroftFarmWedding-4087 HaycroftFarmWedding-4109 HaycroftFarmWedding-4166 HaycroftFarmWedding-4220 HaycroftFarmWedding-4308 HaycroftFarmWedding-4328 HaycroftFarmWedding-4343 HaycroftFarmWedding-4377 HaycroftFarmWedding-4408 HaycroftFarmWedding-4411 HaycroftFarmWedding-4427 HaycroftFarmWedding-4490 HaycroftFarmWedding-4521 HaycroftFarmWedding-4577 HaycroftFarmWedding-4586 HaycroftFarmWedding-4639 HaycroftFarmWedding-4748 HaycroftFarmWedding-4773 HaycroftFarmWedding-4909 HaycroftFarmWedding-5015 HaycroftFarmWedding-5023 HaycroftFarmWedding-5058 HaycroftFarmWedding-5141 HaycroftFarmWedding-5176 HaycroftFarmWedding-5250 HaycroftFarmWedding-5264 HaycroftFarmWedding-5332 HaycroftFarmWedding-5362 HaycroftFarmWedding-5379 HaycroftFarmWedding-5450 HaycroftFarmWedding-5478 HaycroftFarmWedding-5515 HaycroftFarmWedding-5555 HaycroftFarmWedding-5644 HaycroftFarmWedding-5671 HaycroftFarmWedding-5824