Cory - The Temmincks Ground Pangolin

As part of the Love Africa Marketing team, I was privileged to join Zululand Field Manager: African Pangolin Working Group Leno Sierra and Cory, a Temmincks Ground Pangolin, in a phased introduction to her new home at Manyoni Private Game Reserve. Ground Pangolins have been locally extinct in Zululand for over 70 years, making this ‘soft release’ that much more special.

Manyoni Private Game Reserve in Zululand, KZN, is working closely with the African Pangolin Working Group, HSI Africa and Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital (JWVH) to rehome Temminck´s Ground Pangolins that have been rescued from the wildlife trade.

‘Cory’, was poached from the wild and eventually rescued on a sting operation by the African Pangolin Work Group with support from SAPS and Green Scorpions.

When survivors arrive at the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital they receive intensive care and are nursed back to health by a dedicated team. Once strong enough, the pangolins are then taken to a suitable reserve (Manyoni being one of these sites) where the “soft release” process begins.

With staggering poaching statistics severely threatening the species, Pangolins have been dubbed the world’s most trafficked mammal. It is for this reason that the Zululand Conservation Trust has dedicated a large number of their conservation funds towards the protection, rehabilitation and monitoring of these incredible animals.


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