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{Life} Unscripted | 100 Days of Summer

And here it is…my 100 Days of Summer. I must say, it was way harder than I thought and those people/ photographers who do the 365 project I salute you! Some days, it was really hard picking up my camera…things got busy, I forgot, I really never felt inspired or had the energy. But I was always glad I did, for 100 days I accomplished the one thing I needed to do to reach my goal even if it was just photographing my running shoes 😉

Everyday I was looking at the light, watching my kids more intently, their features, reactions, what they were doing…I was looking and seeing. Looking back at this little video has really made me appreciate my life and what I have and made me realise how much can happen and change in just 100 days.

I decided to do a slideshow of the images for something a bit different. If you would prefer to view the images separately please visit my my Facebook gallery.

Enjoy! x